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  • Certification:   STC SA00709LA   FAA/PMA approved.
  • Drilled for internal wiring.
  • Premium powder coat finishing.
  • CESSNA logo.
  • Drilled in both grips for internal wiring.
  • Autopilot electric trim switch option.
  • Each grip can be configured for multiple switch positions.

These FAA-PMA approved all metal control wheels are finished with durable powder coat finish and can be installed on virtually all Cessna aircraft (Click below for Model Applicablity List). Each wheel is drilled for internal wiring of the trim, PTT and A/P disconnect switches. All mounting hardware and hubs for either standard 3/4" or 1.25" Cessna control shafts are included. Installation time is approximately 1-2 hours.

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  • Installation time approximately two hours.
  • Installation kit includes all the necessary hardware.
  • Mounts to either 3/4 " or 1.25" shaft.
  • The 3/4" shaft original rivets are removed and replaced with bolts.
  • All STC documentation, model list and Installation Instructions included.
View of autopilot trim switch
  • Internally drilled for wiring.
  • Garmin GFC-500 Electric trim switch option available.
  • Solid heat treated aluminum.
  • Each wheel has provision in both grips for multiple switch positions.
  • PTT switch positioned for easy use.
View of PTT switches

Download Installation Manual, STC, and Model Applicability - List Click Here

 The hub/shaft adapter is bolted to the wheel allowing complete access to the wiring. The shaft adapter attaches to the aircraft control shaft exactly as the original Cessna wheel. Product Photo is showing