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  • FAA-PMA approved.
  • Internally cored for all wiring.
  • Premium powder coat finishing.
  • Removable switch plates on both grips.
  • A/P electric trim switch plate (Cygnet/S-Tec) option.
  • Each grip can have multiple switch positions.
  • Solid heat treated aluminum.
  • PMA and installation instructions included.
  • Weight 2.9 lbs per wheel
  • FAA approved alternate method of compliance (AMOC) for AD-64-0606 and other ADs.
Piper COntrol Wheel

These FAA-PMA approved replacement Piper control wheels are a direct replacement for original Piper 'bow tie' and 'rams horn' control wheels. They are installed in the same manner as the original Piper yokes with bolts and are supplied with all installation hardware. Pre-1967 Pipers typically have a 3/4" diameter torque tube (shaft). Later models typically have a 1.125" diameter tube.

The cast aluminum wheel is cored for internal cables, which can be routed through the torque tube or alternatively with a 'coiled cord' to the panel.

These control wheels are FAA-PMA approved replacements for the original equipment Piper P/N 62818 yokes, which are subject to Airworthiness Directive AD 64-06-06.   Avion replacement wheels are an approved alternate method of compliance for several Piper control wheel AD's.   

Avion recommends Otto Mil-Spec switches, Otto  P7-5A1122 (Black Actuator) for PTT and Otto P7-5A1121 (Red Actuator) for A/P Disconnect

Download Installation Manual and Model Applicability List

  • Installation time approximately two hours.
  • Includes all the necessary hardware.
  • Both grips cored for internal for wiring.
  • Electric trim switch (Cygnet.S-Tec) plate available.
  • Switch plates easily removed for wiring access.
  • Mounts to either 3/4" or 1.125" original Piper shaft.
  • The original attach rivets are removed and replaced with with bolts.
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